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Saturday Cocktail: Ole Smoky’s Full Moon


This is moonshine for people who don’t want mountain redneck moonshine that makes you go blind.

As cool as the idea of getting moonshine from a random town in West Virginia is, if they don’t know what they’re doing, they’ll end up making the wrong kind of alcohol and you’ll lose your damn sight. But moonshine is still cool thanks to Ole Smoky, which paved the way for the legit stuff by becoming Tennessee’s first legal shine. The original stuff is 100 proof, and it’s made in the Great Smoky Mountains. So even though you won’t go blind by accident, your eyes might be closed for most of the night as 100 proof is still strong enough to punch you in the face.

Ole Smoky now has a bunch of different kinds of shine, and the Full Moon cocktail calls for just about all of ’em including the peach, blackberry, white lightnin’ and apple pie flavors. They also do moonshine cherries which are maraschino cherries soaked in White Lightnin’, so even their snacks’ll get you s**tcanned.

Here’s the recipe for Full Moon cocktail. Note: when drinking this stuff, it’s OK to hoot and holler, shoot possum, eat possum and chew tobacco. It is not, we repeat, not OK to sleep with your sister. At least while drinking Ole Smoky.



COED Writer