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It’s a Plane! It’s a Helicopter! No, It’s Not Superman. It’s a Plane-Helicopter


Taking two awesome things and putting them together almost always produces one super awesome thing. Werewolves and cop movies are cool but, as we recently learned, when combined, they create the awesome werewolf/cop movie hybrid Wolf Cop. Jack Daniels and Coca-Cola have almost magical qualities by themselves, but putting them together produces happy side effects even magic can’t reproduce.

It’s a mystery that aerodynamic engineers haven’t jumped on this bandwagon sooner. Planes and helicopters are pretty cool by themselves, but mankind must have wondered for a long time what it would be like if we could get them to mate and produce some kind of mutant flying cross-breed. Perhaps we waited this long because our previously puny brains couldn’t handle witnessing the splendor of a plane-helicopter let alone an iPhone that can hold a phone call that lasts more than five minutes.

The plane maker Augusta Westland finally decided the time was right to work on such a creation and officially unveiled “Project Zero,” a flying machine that features the best qualities of a traditional plane and helicopter, according to Fast Company.

The company unveiled the project for the drooling, wide-eyed faces at the Paris Air Show. This flying innovation lifts off and flies through the air with two massive propellers that can shift from helicopter to plane mode in mid-flight. So it can take off and land like a traditional helicopter but still cut through the sky like a super fast airplane. The best part: it’s completely electric, making it the first hybrid vehicle in history that could actually get the driver laid.

Photo Credit: Augusta Westland

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