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Ask a Chick: How Many Text Messages are TOO Many Text Messages?


Our resident advice girl Samantha Lim is back for her second installment of Ask a Chick. Wondering how she got the smarts to answer your queries? Follow her on Twitter @iamsamlim and see for yourself. You guys sent in some pretty stellar questions, but unfortunately we can’t answer them all. So keep them coming by tweeting @COEDMagazine with the hashtag #askachick or email me Now check out Sam’s expert dating advice below.

How many text messages are TOO many text messages?

Sam says: Text message banter should be pretty equal, and you should never go more than 2-3 texts without receiving a response from her. Also, know when to take a pause or leave the conversation as is. One word responses like “sure” and “lol” are a good sign she’s too busy to chat with you… or is busy chatting with someone else.

Is it too much to ask to get a fair share of the bed when you’re sleeping over?

Sam says: When a boy acts like you’re nothing more than an extra pillow in his bed, it can be more than frustrating. Girls take up less room anyway, so a “fair share” is maybe only 1/3 of what you need. You should definitely accomodate in sharing the bed if you expect her to get in, no question. Plus, the last thing you want to wake up to is a sleep deprived, grumpy girl. Breakfast in bed or morning delight? Forget about it. Get some bonus points by making sure she’s comfy with a pillow and covered with the blanket before settling in.

What is your idea of a perfect date, first or otherwise?

Sam says: Totally depends on the guy. It is nice if he checks with me and tries to do something I’m interested in because it shows thoughtfulness and effort. But we should also be doing something he enjoys. If he’s into music, going to a concert or small show; if he’s into food, eating at an amazing restaurant; or if he’s into sports, going to a game (that isn’t too rowdy). These are fun way to see how much you have in common. A perfect date is much more about having a good time regardless of what we are doing, so it is more about if he makes me laugh, the conversation is flowing and we get to know each other in a meaningful, memorable way.

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