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Adam DeVine Explains The Dangers Of Manscaping Without A Norelco Click-And-Style


I don’t want to say that COEDditors actually¬†try and base our lives of off Workaholics, but it usually just so happens that things work out that way. So of course we wanted to talk to Adam DeVine, star of Workaholics, about his new campaign for Norelco–The Broxygen Network.

He just came out with a new video “Judge Bro Brown” that you can view above but FYI, there’s also a mighty tasty interview in full below.

Or, you could always read some of the interview below.

You’re on your way to Workaholics right now. Why don’t you talk a little bit about the fact that you guys just got a 2-year deal renewal? Are you guys going to do anything new or exciting?

I think if you like Workaholics, you’re gonna keep liking the show. It’s not like on episode 1 of season 4 there’s going to be a knock on our door and we’re going to have to raise a child or anything. We might get laid this season, who knows? That would have to be the craziest thing that can happen to our characters. Our characters can do acid and fall off roofs and get in awesome car chases but when it comes to getting girls, I think getting to get laid would be the craziest thing.

Would you say that your characters are manscaped and prepared enough to meet that challenge?

Yeah I think that Demamp takes very good care of his downstairs region. He manscapes very, very, very, very, VERY, very hard. He’s hasn’t had many women go that way but he’s very prepped. He manscapes and stretches every morning.

Do you have any kind of crazy shaving story?

I’ve lived with Blake and Kyle my entire adult life. We lived together for 8 years. I figured it was just us talking to each other about how we shaved our balls. “Stretch the skin man.”

Actually I shaved a nipple off before. I was going on a date with this girl and I was really excited and I decided to instead of trimming my chest hair, I decided to take a razor to it and I probably wound up with 40 cuts on my chest looking like some sado-masochist who has to cut himself before he goes to sleep at night. I also cut my nipple right off and had to wear a bandage for six weeks ’til my nipple grew back. Who knew they grow back.

Having my nipples cut off is like one of my biggest fears ever, along with a paper cut in my eye. So thank you for that story.

It’s a bleeder. Luckily with the Click-It Style, you can find the perfect attachment for your promo needs.

Every photo of you I’ve ever seen features you with a fresh shave. I just gotta ask, can you even grow facial hair?

I can grow like a fierce ass dope beard but I can’t grow a mustache. It comes in so whipsy. It looks very creepy. And sexual. Like you want to be sexual like, “Whoa that dude is like hot.” I look like “Oh that guy’s waiting outside an elementary school in a van.” And it doesn’t attach. So once it comes in I just shave it so no one knows.

**Is your current house acid proof?

I live by myself. We became adults and decided to move out. It’s weird like once you move out and it’s all your stuff that you actually care about not breaking.

It must be nice not having Blake’s hair all up in your shower.

Yeah, totally. I couldn’t brush my teeth without Blake’s hair everywhere.

**I know that I’m not the best journalist in the world but it’s not like I just completely changed the subject. The quotations are just snippets of our interview. If you want to listen to the whole thing in full, click here.

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