What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Wedding season is in full swing, so it’s time to gear up appropriately. With these tips, you’ll easily be the best dressed guy at any nuptials ceremony and one step closer to getting that hot bridesmaid’s room key.

Black Tie Wedding

This type of super formal wedding can be hella boring and stuffy, but at least it’s super simple to dress for. Anytime an invite specifies the event is Black Tie, it’s time to pull out that tux from the back of your closet. If you don’t own a tux, it goes a long way to just buy one and get it tailored just in case for these super bougie occasions. Pair said tuxedo with a simple pair of black dress shoes, obviously a black tie, and you’re done.

Daytime Wedding

Marital vows taken in the middle of the day are more common during the summer months. These are usually “Black Tie Optional” or “Semi-Formal.” That being said, the temperature becomes an issue when you’re sitting outside or in a venue that lacks air conditioning. Remedy that by picking out a breathable suit in a lighter color. You can have a little more fun with your suit and tie combo, so feel free to play around with mixing solids and prints. Don’t mix prints & patterns if you have no idea what you’re doing though. Make sure your shoes match, and you’re good to go.

Casual Wedding

Oddly enough, casual weddings can be the hardest ones to get ready for. Just because you see the word “casual,” it DOES NOT give you carte blanche to throw on a tee you found on your floor and basketball shorts. It’s always smart to ask the couple how casual they want guests to dress because you don’t want to be “that guy” the bridezilla flips on. You can ditch the tie, but make sure you look like you are going somewhere nice. A button down, chinos and solid pair of kicks are all you need. If the sun’s bearing down, it’s completely OK to throw on your favorite pair of shades.

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