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FINALLY: ‘Wolf Cop’ is a Movie You Know You Want to See


Robocop is the all-time greatest “(blank) cop” movie in cinema history. It took what could have been a relatively simply concept and turned it on its head by actually making a movie about a cop who is also a robot. It stood up to the military-industrial complex that put profits ahead of lives and questioned the very nature of mankind’s limits when it comes to making a quick buck. That may have been lost on most of the people who went to see it because all they could think was “He’s a robot and he’s a cop! How cool is that?,” but it was still a nice touch for something that could have just been a mindless popcorn flick. It’s like watching a reenactment of the opening scene from Hamlet starring the cast of Hee Haw.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped the film industry from greenlighting a ton of cop-hybrid flicks since Robocop became a runaway success. We’ve had a number of movies where kids become cops like Cop-and-a-Half, dogs become cops like the Chuck Norris movie Top Dog and even ghost cops like the upcoming Ryan Reynolds movie R.I.P.D. They missed a prime opportunity to release the first movie called Ghost Cop. 

Sadly, Hollywood has yet tackle the werewolf/cop movie genre. But thankfully, a group of Canadian filmmakers are on the case, according to Warming Glow.

So far, the makers of Wolf Cop only have a trailer, and it is just what you would imagine a movie about a cop who can transform into a werewolf would look like. He not only has all the usual werewolf powers like super strength and agility and razor sharp face-ripping claws, but he also has a gun. So what deeper meanings will Wolf Cop try to explore to escape the pitfalls of its genre? Perhaps it can stand as a metaphor to push for better health coverage for our law enforcement by exploring the Wolf Cop’s flea problems.

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