The 10 Manliest Marriage Proposals

It’s a common misconception all guys fear marriage. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are absolutely terrified of it.

It’s not because we’re dedicating ourselves to one woman for the rest of our lives. We should be so lucky any woman is willing to put up with us for that long let alone through a single meal. It’s all the decisions and obligations that go with it. Will we be able to support each other for the rest of our lives? Will our children grow up to be Nobel Prize winners at some university laboratory or employees of the month at the local McDonalds?

So even though just popping the question can in and of itself being one of the most daunting and daring things a man can do, some managed to take it a step further. May we present the 10 manliest marriage proposals ever.

1. Faking your own accidental death

You know the old saying, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone”? Apparently, that concept works pretty well as a marriage proposal. This groom-to-be got the brilliant idea to pretend he had just accidentally fallen off a building just as he was going to pop the question to his girl. When she peers over the ledge expecting to see his mangled body sprawled on the pavement, that’s when he actually pops the question.

2. Getting the “Old Spice Guy” to do it for you

You run a certain risk letting an ultra handsome commercial celebrity ask your girl if she wants to get married. There’s a good chance she might think the celebrity is asking her if she wants to marry him, even though they’ve never actually met. One enterprising guy, however, got the yes he was looking for when he asked Isaiah Mustafa if he could pop the question for him.

3. Turning the experience into an underwater treasure hunt

Some guys like to bungie jump with their partner or dive out a plane to ask their best girl if they want to get married. Fortunately, you don’t have to do that just to prove you love her enough, unless she’s turned on by risking your life. And if so, we’d advise counseling first. This guy took his girlfriend out for a scuba diving vacation and actually hid the ring in a treasure chest in the ocean where he popped it out and proposed to her underwater. We’re not sure if she said yes because they both still had the breathing apparatuses in their mouths.

4. Using a drone

Drones have gotten a lot of really bad PR lately because they are basically being used as flying death machines that rain fire from the sky without a care of what they actually hit. They might just be robots, but even drones have the capacity to show love if you program them to do it. This couple proved it when the groom used a drone to secretly swoop in and give his best girl the ring to show how much he loved her.

5. Surprising her in front of the entire Star Trek: TNG cast

Using a celebrity to make your proposal more memorable is almost always a win-win situation. Even if you got some C-level celebrity loser like Joey Buttafuoco or the guy who played Screech on Saved By the Bell, she’d still probably say yes because of all the trouble you went through to make her proposal so special. This guy scored the ultimate celebrity proposal when he somehow got his girlfriend to sit with the entire principal cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation when he popped the question and got some hilarious reaction shots out of his girl and most of the cast.

6. Arranging a photo on a thrill ride

Usually it takes a lot of guts just to get your girlfriend to go on a ride that makes you think you’re about to die and takes your picture while you’re doing it. Fortunately, Disney World has some pretty tame rides even unborn fetuses would find not-so-thrilling. This guy managed to get his best girl to go on the log flume ride with him and arranged it so his friends could help pop the question just as the camera caught them taking the big plunge.

7. Climbing the “Totem Pole”

[vimeo 56539286 w=600 h=337]

Rock climbing is pretty manly in and of itself because you’re basically giving Mother Nature the finger and showing her there isn’t a structure too big to conquer. Doing a marriage proposal at the summit is like giving her two middle fingers because you’re also going to get some sugar when you get to the top. These two climbers venture to the famous “Totem Pole” rock formation in Queens Creek, Arizona where he got down on one knee after they reached the top.

8. Proposing over the air traffic control airwaves

Being an air traffic controller is just about one of the manliest modern jobs you can have because it’s just non-stop stress as lives hang from your steely gaze. Throwing in a wedding proposal makes it twice as manly because you’re basically risking a mid-air collision to prove how much you love her. This Vancouver air traffic controller didn’t risk any lives when he popped the question, but he definitely gave his girlfriend the surprise of her life when he proposed as she was flying in as a passenger and heard the question over the plane’s loudspeaker.

9. Doing it on a highway with your biker friends

Breaking the law might not be the smartest way to propose to your girlfriend, but it will definitely impress the pants off her. Sometimes, that’s a literal statement. These 300 bikers in Covina, California got together to help one of their brothers pop the question to his girlfriend by shutting down a major highway so he could get down on the pavement on one knee to do it.

10. Right after winning the Super Bowl

Chances are you’ll never get to propose to your girlfriend this way. The closest you’ll probably ever get is getting down on one knee after you win the Super Bowl office pool. Greg Jones of the New York Giants, however, topped just about every marriage proposal in history when he got down on one knee right after his team won Super Bowl XLVI.


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