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Russell Brand Absolutely Destroys MSNBC Hosts During ‘Interview’ [VIDEO]


“Interview” was put in quotes for the reasons that the people on Morning Joe have obviously never conducted an actual interview in their professional career. Anybody who starts out introducing a guest, especially one as well known as Russell Brand, with: “”Joining us now, he’s a really big deal. I know, I’m told this. I’m not really pop culture.” Like, really? What kind of arrogant piece of tits has the audacity to say that on live national TV? Katty Kay, that’s who.

I’m very even keel when it comes to Russel Brand’s comedy. Sometimes I think it’s genius, other times over the top and/or sophomoric, but I have to admit this performance put him straight to the top in my book. The quick wit and smarts he portrayed demolishing these asshats is of epic proportions.

  • COED Writer