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Possibly Gay NFL Player Kerry Rhodes Believes He Could Be The Father Of Kim Kardashian’s Baby


Free agent NFL safety Kerry Rhodes has been fiercly fighting rumors from his ex-(boy)friend spreading rumors about the two having a sexual relationship. Rhodes has gone so far to assert his heterosexual dominance that he is apparantly bragging to his friends that he, not Kayne, is somehow the father to Kim Kardashian’s newborn thing.

According to Bossip, Rhodes has been sending text messages to his former teammates saying eloquently:

“Man this could be my baby!! I was f—ing her the same time as K.West was lol!!!”

Sounds like a proud father. Also, according to Bossip, everyone already knows that Rhodes is homosexual which thus makes his efforts fruitless, but hey, it’s worth the shot I guess.

Maybe a Maury should be in order for KK and Kayne. And is it bad that I hope the baby came out looking Asian? That would really throw a monkey in the wrench.

  • COED Writer