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Well This Sucks: US Senator Wants To Take Away Your Adderall


RIP to your favorite study buddy? New York Senator Charles Schumer is worried about the apparent 35% of college students who use Adderall without a prescription. Here is what The Atlantic Wire has to say about attack on the Addy:

The New York Senator wants schools to make kids more aware about the negative side effects the drugs can have when they aren’t helping you bang out that late English paper on a Sunday night. Schumer wants new, strict regulations in place when classes resume in the fall at New York’s colleges to make sure the kids who are receiving the drugs aren’t giving them away to their friends.

For students diagnosed at a campus health clinic: Require formal contracts and follow-up diagnostics for that student; and require detailed medical, educational, and psychological history.
For students diagnosed outside of campus health clinic, and seeking to refill prescription: Require mental health evaluations with qualified health practitioner to verify diagnoses; and require parent, guardian verification of diagnoses

Little does Senator Schumer realize that if his dreams come true then he’ll have another major problem in America’s hands: a 35% drop in graduation rate.

COED Writer