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The Ten Best Extremely Decent Videos [VIDEOS]


The group has consistently made viral videos on YouTube, but you still may not have heard of them

The dudes from Extremely Decent Films have been making films since 2011 when they were all at UCLA. They’re weird, unpredictable and cracked out – all good qualities for modern filmmaking. We went through and watched all their videos and picked our ten favorites. Although “The Ex” is their most popular and considered their best, we disagree. It lacked the film quality and disciplined joke writing of their later shorts, so most of the ones we picked are their more recent ones.

A Decent Parody Rap Is A Hard Feat To Achieve

Facebook’s Actually More Annoying Than This

Pretty Good Walking and Talking Dead Parody

Mildly Gross

If Only We Could All Do This To Our Friends

Watch This High?

Maybe Some Meth For This One

Legitimately Gross

Unnecessary Display Of Diapers

via Extremely Decent Films

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