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It’s Pretty Cool To Be A Forest Fire Fighter… [VIDEO]


Except when you’re job is to protect rich people’s houses in the woods

This video was done by the Colorado Springs Fire Department, who’ve been dealing with a massive fire in the Black Forest this week. The best part comes when you realize the fireman shooting the video is hiding behind a jacuzzi. You know, the thing he probably can’t afford on his salary but has to risk his life to protect.

People who own houses with jacuzzis and sweet decks probably have some solid homeowner’s insurance, especially when they live in a forest that’s likely to have massive brush fires. The owner of this house could have packed up the family pictures and chilled in a hotel waiting for a fat insurance company check, but why do that when you get someone who makes a quarter of your income protect it for you. These people really stress the servant in public servant when it comes to dealing with the fire department.

All we’re saying is, if you’re going to buy a home in a danger zone, don’t be a dick and make other people risk their lives to protect it for you.

via YouTube

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