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Rachel Uchitel: Woman Who Won The Week


Rachel’s single again, seemingly sober, and still pretty bangin’

OK, so she’s technically been single for a bit, but you don’t want to sleep with a woman when the divorce isn’t final. You know how that goes: Sex. Sex. Crying. Crying. Awkward silent breakfast. Texting for a couple days, but never finalizing plans. Unanswered text. Find a new girl.

According to TMZ, she hired a pretty tough as nails lawyer to settle everything with Matt Hahn, who’s being left alone with his thoughts of playing football for Penn State and hopefully not being molested.

Considering she achieved her fame by sleeping with a guy who died in 9/11, a golfer who cheated on a supermodel and, of course, getting over an addiction on television, it’s not a surprise that she’s making headlines for divorcing a C-List Football player.

As we said, she’s still hot, though.

via TMZ

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