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2 Chainz Got Robbed, Now Named 1 Chain [VIDEO]


The rapper was held up at gunpoint in San Francisco with his posse and he ran like a bitch

We want to say that 2 Chainz acted like a puss for running away, but then again, who the hell runs away from a guy with a gun? Guns aren’t knives. If you run away from a dude with a knife, there’s low odds that he’ll hit you if he throws it at you, and then the dude is out of knives. But from what we’ve heard, guns have, like, at least 5 bullets in them, and someone can shoot all of those bullets at you without having to pick them up and put them back in the gun each time.

2 Chainz isn’t a bitch, he’s either crazy or stupid. Or he could be really smart. Maybe he saw the dudes and made a snap decision that they could handle the jail time for armed robbery but not for murder, so he felt like running was a good option. Or maybe he planned the whole thing because he felt like he needed the publicity and was afraid of feeling irrelevant.

Ultimately the thieves caught up to him, drew the gun on him, and stole a bunch of stuff. Since no one’s been arrested yet, we’re guessing the perps were angry at Chainz for stealing his entire identity from the video “Booty Juice”.

via TMZ

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