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Maserati and Bowers & Wilkins Get Turn’t Up With ‘Seven Notes’ Event


“No one buys a Maserati because they have to… They buy one because they want to.” That’s the quote from Jeffrey Ehoodin (the Maserati PR Manager) that stuck in our minds the most as we left the Maserati and Bowers & Wilkins Seven Notes Event last night. And after seeing the brand new four-door Maserati Quattroporte and hearing the in-car sound system by B&W (Bowers & Wilkins), I think it’s fair to say that everybody “wants” a Maserati.

But that’s not news. That’s already understood.

News to us was that Maserati and B&W had teamed up for the Seven Notes Project, in which music producer Howie B. (U2, Bjork) created songs using the seven distinct notes of a Maserati engine.

You can listen to the track here on the official site, or peruse through some great photos of the party along with photos of the brand-new Quattroporte.

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