Hey Handsome: Maintain Your ‘Do With John Allan’s Matte

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean it’s time to let your looks fall to the wayside. Sleeping in, rolling out of the gutter bed and going about your day seems pretty sweet only in theory. In reality, you probably look like you’ve slithered out from underneath the bottom of some rock. If you don’t want to look like a chump, take the extra three minutes between the bathroom and front door to put a little product in your hair.

John Allan’s Matte is just what you need to get that polished look without trying hard. It’s a super easy-to-use pomade that is weightless yet shape-defining with a non-greasy finish. In layman’s terms: you’ll be able to rub this into your dome without looking like some tool who spends his time between the tanning bed, his mom’s house and the Ed Hardy outlet.

You can pick up this follicle phenomenon at a John Allan salon near you or at the online shop.

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