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You Can Officially Wear The Simpsons on Every Part of Your Anatomy Courtesy of Converse


Say what you will about the most recent episodes, but even the most fervent Simpsons haters can’t deny Fox’s yellow family is a pop culture juggernaut. Besides being the longest running primetime show in history, they have also amassed a museum of merchandising and memorabilia that includes toys, T-shirts, books, video games, board games, travel games, clocks, postage stamps, housewares, a theme park ride with its own virtual Springfield at Universal Studios and who the hell knows how much more. It’s so massive and lucrative, we’re sure someone out there is selling a black market condom with Marge Simpson’s beehive hairdo printed on it.

The clothing line alone could probably make C. Montgomery Burns’ financial statements look like a college freshman’s bank account but, believe it or not, no one has ever marketed a line of Simpsons shoes.

That officially changed today when Converse, now a division of Nike (who will own us all at this rate), announced they will sell a special line of Simpsons high top sneakers next month in honor of the show’s upcoming 25th anniversary.

The line includes three adult size sneakers with Homer and Bart each getting their own piece of real estate on Converse’s iconic high-top design and two kids’ sizes with the entire family and Bart writing on the detention room blackboard “I will not waste chalk.”


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