COED Goes To The Dodgers Game With Genesis Rodriguez [INTERVIEW / PHOTOS]

Interview by John Senese
Photos by Casey R. Anderson

What can make an already smoking hot girl even sexier? We love it when a gorgeous woman is smart and funny, so it’s plain to see why we’re head-over-heels for Genesis Rodriguez. The Identity Thief actress has the brains and beauty to back up her talent, and we love her for it. We recently went to the L.A. Dodgers game with Rodriguez to see her throw the first pitch where chatted about baseball, her Identity Thief co-stars and her hobby building robots.

1) Do you have any advice to give someone throwing out the first pitch?

2) How do you feel about the Miami Marlins this year?

3) How much in real life are you like your character in Identity Thief?

4) If you could steal any of your co-star’s identities who would it be?

5) How was it working with Kate Upton on the Gillette commercial?

6) We hear you are big on building robots.  What is that about?


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