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It’s Been Confirmed: Women With Daddy Issues Are Sluttier


And by confirmed we mean Texas Christian University took a relatively small sample size of 64 heterosexual women and drew the conclusion that daughters of absentee and deadbeat fathers end up putting out more than the ladies with outstanding fathers.

Here is what MSN had to say about TCU’s groundbreaking and socially advancing study:

Researchers asked students to engage in writing exercises recalling when Daddy was absent or present for important life events. Apparently, women whose fathers were absent responded to further word stem tests in “a more sexualized way.” Lead researcher Danielle DelPriore said, “There is an abundance of research that shows when a father is absent that their daughters have accelerated sexual development, promiscuity and sexual risk taking.”

So men of COED, you’ve been forewarned. Better stick around and be a good father or else your daughter is going to want the D, and that’s not going to stand for Daddy.

  • COED Writer