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Dead Quiet Parties. College Kids Made It Happen.


Dead Quiet Parties. Ever hear of it? Me neither, well, until now and I have to admit it sounds like an intriguing time.

We’ve all been at a packed nightclub before where house music is blaring to the point where you think you might go blind from the sound waves let alone deaf. It’s tough to have a conversation with friends or, even worse, say hello to someone you’re interested in without starting off with an awkward grind session.

This is where the Silent Disco (Quiet Party) comes into play and makes the experience one of a kind. Everyone is given a pair of headphones synched with the DJ’s music so if you want to dance, put on the headphones. If you want to talk, take them off. Very ingenious.

The Silent Disco movement took off in Europe around ten years ago and has slowly made its way to the States. Now Quiet Parties are taking off among the collegiate ranks with the help of a couple of Cornell undergrads who started the Ithaca-based startup Party Headphones in May of 2012. Today, the company has worked with MOMA, Red Bull, and Nestle, has a staff of eleven, and plans to start aggressively expanding.

From the looks of things it appears you’re going to have to be quiet at more and more parties in the future, which isn’t a bad thing. So keep it down, kids.

  • COED Writer