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8-Month Erection Leads to Lawsuit, Insert Your Own ‘Stand Up in Court’ Joke Here


We must warn you: reading beyond this sentence will make you experience feelings of emotional and possible physical discomfort and could subconsciously prevent you from ever sustaining an erection for a long time. If that happens, COED cannot be legally held responsible in the same manner this guy is holding his doctor responsible.

Of course, if you don’t have to worry about the sorrow of erectile dysfunction or “over-function” i.e. female, you may instead experience bouts of uncontrollable laughter that could cause you to lose bladder control or experience tearing if you have stitches. COED also won’t legally be held responsible for those or any other similar side effects.

A Delware truck driver filed a lawsuit against his doctor after his “riding buddy” remained in the ready position for eight straight months, according to a Delaware newspaper.

If you think this public exposure couldn’t be more embarrassing for the poor guy, then guess what? It gets worse. He claims his eight month stiffy was caused by a botched penile implant operation. Technically, this is either a case of medical malpractice or the most successful penile extension in medical history if the doctor can prove he made his “stick shifter” so big it created its own gravitational field.

Via Gawker

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