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Tumblr’s Reactions To The PS4 Vs. Xbox One Console Wars [17 GIFS]


So in case you didn’t know from all the nerd-speak that’s bogging down your Tumblr dashboard, E3 is going on right now. And while the “expo” part of the show opened to the media today, both Microsoft and Sony held keynote speeches giving juicy details of their upcoming systems. By the time the dust settled, the internet had pretty much crowned the PS4 as king.

The reasons pretty much rely on three key aspects:

1) The PS4 is $100 cheaper. People seem to like cheaper.

2) The PS4 does not require internet connection to play games offline.

3) The PS4 does not have DRM restrictions, so you can buy and sell pre-owned games.

And since Tumblr seems to have an eye for drama, of course they made the “battle” seem much more violent than it really was. Here’s the beatdown that the internet would have you believe happened.

People seem to be overlooking the fact that Playstation Plus isn’t going to be a free service. Just saying. #TeamXboxOne

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