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Nintendo Promises More Wii U Games, Hopefully Not ‘NintendoLand 2’


Nintendo has had to cover a lot of ground since they announced the Wii U console at the last E3 and failed to live up to the expectations of their rabid fan base, most of whom probably spent a good chunk of their childhood in front of the original NES. Sure the system took a bold step by introducing a controller that’s basically an iPad with a joystick, but it only works if you have games to play on it. It’s like selling somebody a car without any wheels.

This year, Nintendo promised to deliver the games they should have delivered when they announced their new console at last year’s E3. If that sounds too good to be true, here’s the bad news: we won’t get them until next year.

Nintendo held a live streaming video press conference rather than the big flashy press conference that Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft usually hold at the annual E3 gathering in Los Angeles. Since the Wii U’s sales have been lackluster at best, they tried to revamp its sluggish bottom line by promising 2014 will feature a whole host of new games including a new Super Smash Bros. with Mega Man joining the roster of fighters, an exclusive Bayonetta sequel and a new open-world adventure game with the ominous title X, according to Ars Technica.

There are also some games coming to the console at the tail end of 2013 but they are more of Nintendo’s safe bets like a high definition update of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, another Donkey Kong Country sidescroller and Super Mario 3D World. It’s hard to hate on a Mario game, but pretty soon Nintendo is going to run out of opportunities to cram two or more classic Mario games into the same title unless they are seriously planning to release Super Mario Bros. 3: The 3D World of New Super Mario Bros. 2-Kart vs. Donkey Kong All-Stars Tennis & Sonic at the Olympics.

Photo Credit: Nintendo

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