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She Her Tonight [Allison Scagliotti On WAREHOUSE 13]


Allison Scagliotti on Warehouse 13

(10 PM EST, SyFy)

Cure the case of the Mondays by tuning in to gaze at the beautiful Allison Scagliotti on an all new Warehouse 13. Allison plays Claudia Donovan on the sci-fi comedy-drama that features two Secret Service agents tracking down mysterious objects at the behest of a warehouse caretaker who oversees a top-secret facility in South Dakota that houses strange and power relics collected by the U.S. government.

The lovley Miss Scagliotti was born in California and attended NYU. You may have seen her before on Drake & Josh, Bones and One Tree Hill. Be sure to give Allison a shout out and a follow on Twitter @allisonscag.

COED Writer