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Giant Mosquitoes 20x Larger Than Normal Are Now Invading Florida


Thinking about voyaging into the Sunshine State anytime soon? Well, you can not only look forward to the sweltering heat, alligators on the streets, rednecks, massive Burmese Pythons and seeing 60% of the population on meth or bath salts, but massive, potentially deadly mosquitoes, as well.

The Daily Mail made it sound scarier than you could imagine:

Entomologists at the University of Florida predicted the massive insects, known as gallinippers, would descend on the sunshine state in record numbers this year after drenching rains from Tropical Storm Debbie. Now the mammoth monsters have arrived, being spotted in Seminole County. The frightening supermosquitoes, native to the eastern half of the United States, are 20 times the size of an ordinary mosquito and their bite is unusually painful.

Giant, blood sucking supermosquitoes. Wonderful. In the land where real life Whacking Day actually exists, it wouldn’t surprise me if many of the locals started to hunt these bastards with shotguns. And I wouldn’t blame them one bit.

COED Writer