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Breaking News For Lovers Of Late Night Drunk Food: McDonalds To Serve Breakfast After Midnight


I’m Lovin’ It! Here is what the USA Today has to say about your inevitable weight gain:

Customers will not only be able to get Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets, but also Egg McMuffins and hot cakes. Folks also will be able to mix and match from the two menus, say, hash browns with a Quarter Pounder or french fries with a Sausage McMuffin. All McCafe beverages and dessert items will also be on the late menu.

Still don’t know why they wouldn’t sell breakfast all the time, though. Would seem to be the smart business play that would make most customers happy with very little trouble to be had. But what kind of trouble could amount from someone wanting breakfast at a fast food joint and not being able to have it served? Lots if you mess with the wrong person.

  • COED Writer