More Guidos Need To Be Arrested Like This [VIDEO]

He throws a pretty good punch, but it’s at the side of a dude’s head…in front of cops

For those readers who don’t live near New Jersey or have ever traveled there, Jersey Shore is actually a documentary. Guidos with caveman-like stupidity lurk, and they’ve figured out how to use public transit. As you can see in this video, this guido throws a steroid-induced sucker punch at the side of a dude’s head, then proceeds to yell to the guy’s girlfriend, “How do you feel? I took down your f**kin’ man. You’re a bitch!” And of course he says that while he’s being handcuffed because he threw that punch in front of the train police.

This is the type of douchebag that makes everyone more annoying…think about it. If you’re a hipster and you witness that type of guidosity, you’re going to feel better about yourself that you’re not like that. And the last thing we need is for hipsters feeling better about themselves.

If you’re not convinced of the plague de la guido, watch this old PSA to understand:

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