How Government Spying Can Even Affect You [VIDEO]

Shame’s going to be a more powerful weapon in the next 50 years

The clip above is from “Good Will Hunting” in which Matt Damon rejects a job with the NSA because of the implications of his work. This week’s leak exposing the extent of government spying on its own citizens has different implications, but this clip shows you the right way to think about it. The consequences of spying aren’t as cut and dry as you think.

Yes, terrorists are f**king evil and require more advanced means of surveillance to be caught. Yesterday, we wrote about why you don’t have to worry about the NSA spying program, but today we’re going to discuss the problems with it.

The government can store data on you – your browsing history, your phone calls, texts, etc. It can’t use it in court unless they think you’re planning a terrorist attack. But it still keeps the data. If it’s holding potentially damaging information about you though, what’s to stop someone working in government from leaking it? Hell, if someone leaked the fact that the spying program’s going on, then someone could easily leak some dirt on you.

That means you now have to think twice about running for office (if you ever get your s**t together and decide you want to tackle some local problems, that is), or more realistically, if you ever want to protest the government. It now has dirt on you, or more powerful protestors who you support. If some uptight conservative working at the NSA decides he’s sick of the legalize pot movement, he can conveniently leak whatever he thinks will sabotage its leaders.

Remember, the FBI tried to blackmail Martin Luther King, Jr. with an affair they had recorded him having. And weed is way more important than civil rights.

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