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This Kid’s MC Name Should Be “Young Lil Honky” [VIDEO]


Yeah he can flow quick, but he has the same nonsense lyrics that have plagued white rappers since the Beastie Boys

That’s not to say black rappers don’t have meaningless lyrics. But black rappers with meaningless lyrics make up for it with their persona on the mic. We don’t care what 50 Cent’s saying most of the time because he treats his voice like just another instrument on the track. On his good days, Eminem will do that too.

This kid, “Nate”, reminds us how boring rap can be when the MC’s just trying to impress you with his flow and lacks a persona. Even his buddy with the hot pink dress shirt next to him has persona. Klan persona, maybe, but persona nonetheless.

You might be thinking, well this kid’s just freestyling. Aren’t most rappers meaningless when they freestyle? No. Most rappers suck at freestyling. The ones who are good slow down and come up with some cool stuff. You want to see a dude freestyle fast and thoughtfully? Check out Big Boi:

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