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Here’s Proof That Government Surveillance Isn’t As Bad As You Think [PHOTOS]


People are flipping their s**t over the news that the government is spying on you

This is either the beginning of a dark road towards dictatorship and Big Brother, or it’s the best tool an understaffed security apparatus can wield against unassuming terrorists, and our robust court system will prevent the government from widening its power and scope.

We’re not really freaked out. Here at COED, we’re not drug dealers or terrorists…we just like some side boob, beer, and the occasional 70 slice of bacon breakfast.

Also, as Americans, we still have our freedom of speech, which, if you’ve never been to other countries (besides in Europe), you understand how important that is. Below are ten of the Americans who run the spying program and now get to decide whether to use a drone to murder an American citizen. They’ve done it before, and they’ll probably do it again. In other countries, if you made fun of those types of leaders, they’d cut off your hand and use your severed hand to cut off your balls.

Here, no one gives a good god damn what you say about them, as long as you don’t try to hurt or steal from them. So just so you get some perspective about this whole spying thing, here’s what we have to say about the ten most powerful security officials in the U.S. Government, and no one’s going to come knocking on our door for it.

  • COED Writer