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Hey Handsome: Save That Shave With HYD For Men


You know you’re becoming an actual fully functioning man when you start caring about your shave. This means buying products that are both good for your skin and razor. One product you should add to your follicle arsenal is HYD For Men Razor Shield.

This little bottle will help save your wallet, face and even the world. How? The shield extends the life of any traditional or disposable razor up to four times and saves you from constantly replacing blades. Essential oils provide a smooth glide with less friction, resulting in a closer shave with less irritation.

If you’re into math or whatever, you’ll basically go from using 52 blades a year to a solid 12. This helps the planet by cutting down on waste in landfills. Even if you’re not environmentally conscious, it’s a great thing to talk about to a chick who will be all over your now smoother face. Not bad for a little bottle that costs less than 20 bucks.

Check out the razor shield and more from HYD For Men here.

  • COED Writer