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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hangovers But Were Too Hungover to Ask


The late comedian Mitch Hedberg once said he loved drinking red wine. Even though it always gave him a hangover headache, it didn’t stop him from enjoying something that made his life worth living.

“This girl asked me once if red wine gave me a headache. I said, ‘Sure eventually, but the first and the middle parts are amazing.’ I’m not going to give up on something because of what it does eventually. ‘Hey Mitch, would you like an apple?’ ‘No, eventually it’ll be a core.'”

That’s how people feel about drinking and hangovers until they actually get a hangover. They make you feel nauseous, lightheaded and make you wish euthanasia was acceptable in this modern day and age. It also seems like something we should have developed a cure for by now (well, technically someone did, but some of the side effects can make a hangover feel like a Swedish massage).

Perhaps the best way to fight a hangover is to know exactly what it is and what it’s doing to your body. YouTube series The SciShow explains the science behind what goes on inside you after you put too much alcohol in it the night before and even a foolproof way to get rid of it, even though you might not like it.

Via Clip Nation

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