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Nine Inch Nails Releases New Song ‘Came Back Haunted’


There’s a new Nine Inch Nails song out, and some people are going to hate it. Frankly, I kind of dig it.

Last week, Trent Reznor pulled a quick one on music fans and announced that he had actually already finished a new NIN album, after stating in 2009 that he would retire the moniker a bit and work on other stuff.

Then last night, NIN released a new single which sounds kind of like a combination of their last two albums Year Zero & The Slip, while adding a bit of texture that Trent obviously got from scoring two movies (The Social Network & The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) in his downtime. People don’t really like those two albums because they sounded ‘too electronic’ but that’s the way everything’s going these days, right?

The album, Hesitation Marks, comes out on September 3, 2013. Check out their tour dates here.

COED Writer