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Dancers of the NBA Finals 2013 [PHOTOS]


The road to the NBA Finals have all boiled down to this. Best of 7 games between the Heat and the Spurs. No do-overs. No mulligans. Nada. Just 10 men (11 if Joey Crawford is refereeing any of the games) playing basketball.

I’ll just get this out of the way right now: If you picked the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat to make it this far, there’s a 100% chance that we wouldn’t be friends in real life. Both of these teams suck to watch.

But you know who is visually pleasing? (Not this Heat fan, that’s for sure.) No, I’m talking about the NBA Finals cheerleaders.

We’ve got a great matchup between some Texas ladies (The Silver Dancers) and some Miami mamacitas (The Miami Heat Dancers). So while all your know-it-all friends are busy exclaiming “Wow Lebron really is that good” and “Tim Duncan is just so fundamentally sound,” we know what you’re really going to be watching.

San Antonio Silver Dancers

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Miami Heat Dancers

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