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Ask a Chick: How Many Drinks Can a Dude Buy You Before it Gets Creepy?


Ask a Chick is back, and we brought in a brand new expert to answer your burning questions. Meet Samantha Lim, a fashion writer, stylist, digital brand strategist and all around cool girl. If you need advice, this is the chick to ask. You should follow her on Twitter @iamsamlim. And if you have a question you need answered, tweet it to @COEDMagazine with the hashtag #askachick or email me Without further ado, Sam answers your questions below.

How many drinks can a dude buy you before it gets creepy?

Sam says: Depends on how cute he is. Just kidding. Buying a girl a drink is a chivalrous move, a great ice breaker and just common courtesy. Number of drinks ultimately depends on her tolerance for alcohol (and also about how tough her day just was). But generally, if you buy a girl more than 3-4 drinks in less than an hour, it is a sure sign that A) you’re just trying to get her trashed or B) she’s just using you for your tab and gonna ditch you the second she’s chugged enough vodka crans. Also, if you have to spend that much time drinking and not talking, you’re probably not having that interesting of a conversation anyway.

Happy or upsetting? That moment when a cute guy you just met is dancing all up on you and accidentally gets a boner.

Sam says: Though I always recommend a test drive before you buy, 9 out of 10 times this is upsetting. You can feel it coming on, can’t you? Back it up bro, there are other ways to hint you want to hit it.

Has anyone ever successfully used a pick-up line on you?

Sam says: I think a pick up line is less about the bullshit joke and more about the swagger you have when delivering it. If a guy has confidence and charisma, he can basically say anything and turn a girl’s attention.

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