There Are More Men in the Kitchen, According to Some Study

Men have always liked to cook. The process used to involve skinning something killed with a stick and holding it over an open flame. Then we realized it is less painful to cook if we just kept the meat on the stick. Hence, the meat on a stick treat was born.

Now we not only have an endless array of kitchen gadgets and indoor heating that allow us to make our favorite stuff without visiting a burn ward after, we also have a nearly endless supply of tasty food. So the next time someone tells you he or she is starving and you aren’t living in a third-world hell hole, slap him or her… hard.

Men have also been doing more cooking in the kitchen, according to a new study conducted by University of North Carolina.

They found 14 more percent of men are doing the cooking in their households compared to those who lived in 1965. You can hardly call it “living,” however, because they never heard of anything like stuffed crust pizzas, doughnut burgers or the TurBaconEpic bacon covered quail-chicken–cornish hen-duck-turkey stuffed in a pig. Now I know why my grandparents called it The Great Depression.

Via Esquire/Photo Credit: Epic Meal Time

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