The Dollar Shave Club Guys Are Back With Magical Butt Wipes [VIDEO]


First off, excellent video yet again from Dollar Shave Club. If all marketing departments in America worked like Mike and Co., then we would be out of this recession in no time and Alehandras all over the place would be able to feed their families.

Secondly, there’s NO WAY One Wipe Charlie works the way it claims. Blatant false advertising. Even if the product is able to wipe away all of the mess made from a “#6”, which it can’t, no man is brave enough to walk away after one wipe. Not a chance. I require at least 8 rounds and a shower if it’s after a Chipolte meal to feel comfortable with myself.

So, Mike, we’re going to need 10 packets or so–along with a couple of lunch cards to Chipoltle–sent here to COED for an official product review to see if One Wipe Charlie is what it says it is. We will also accept Taco Bell coupons.

Original video for Dollar Shave Club is always worth a second, third and 100th watch:


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