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Come on Down… to Jail! Postal Worker’s Gameshow Appearance Disproves Workers Comp Claim


Finally we have proof karma not only exists, it loves to pay people back for their crimes against humanity in deliciously ironic and hilarious ways like giving Donald Trump hair cancer or auditing the IRS.

Say, for instance, someone was lucky enough to be picked out of a crowd to compete on a game show for a ton of cash and fabulous prizes, and that stroke of luck would somehow be used against him or her down the line. This happened to a former postal carrier when she conceded to committing fraud after her appearance on the CBS game show The Price is Right revealed her little scheme, according to Gawker.

Cathy Wrench Cashwell filed a worker’s compensation claim in 2011 that said an injury she suffered on the job rendered her incapable of lifting heavy stacks of mail for the U.S. Postal Service. Federal prosecutors, however, proved she was a big fat liar when they discovered she appeared as a contestant on The Price is Right last year where she won a six-night trip to Palm Springs and Santa Barbara, CA and seemed to have no problem overcoming her “injury” to spin the big wheel during the “Showcase Showdown.” She changed her plea to guilty for committing workers compensation fraud and now faces possible probation or even jail time when the court determines her sentence this September… by playing “Plinko!”

Photo Credit: The Price is Right’s Facebook page

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