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‘Pipe’ Is The Facebook File-Transfer Service That The Web Has Needed


If you ever listen to your parents when they try and talk at you about the web or the internet, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard them mention that “Facebook is dying.” I’m not sure that I entirely disagree with them.

But one service that Facebook definitely will always provide is a way to communicate with your friends. How many people whose email addresses you don’t have do you know on Facebook? Probably more than 85%.

So if I told you that there was a file-transfer service coming to the blue social media platform, there would be even less of a reason to leave Facebook in lieu of GChat or AIM (which is still used in offices around the world, people).

Pipe is that Facebook file-transfer service and frankly it’s about damn time that someone invented one. Here’s how it works (via Mashable):

Image via Mashable

The sender of the image must access Pipe via the Apps section of FB. They then select theĀ recipientĀ from all of their friends (the recipient doesn’t need to have the app at first).

Image via Mashable

The sender then drags and drops the file (music, video, photo, or anything else you’d like to send via the internet) into a tube that’s not unlike a pipe from Super Mario Brothers. If the recipient is offline at the time, the user will be notified the next time they log in.

Image via Mashable

If the recipient is offline, the file will sit in a locker (which has a storage space of 100 MB). At the moment, there is no limit to how many lockers a user can have.

The good news right now is that the files don’t actually go through Facebook so you don’t need to worry about having all your friends know that you shared an illegal torrent of *Insert awful porn name here*.

At the time this was published, Pipe was debuting on Wednesday, June 5th. I would download it and try it out when you can.

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