28 Hottest Bar Refaeli GIFs for Her 28th Birthday

Bar Refaeli is beautiful and sexy and rich and smart (note the glasses) and… What I’m trying to say is that she’s just about the greatest catch any man could land. So the fact that it’s her 28th birthday has the office in a frenzy (not so dissimilar to the one she caused when she announced a Kickstarter for her sex tape).

We couldn’t really give the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model anything she doesn’t already have, so we did what any poor person does for their friend’s birthday–we made a picture book! But one with moving images (GIFs) and online (because we stopped being a print publication in 2006).

So help make your day a little more special by checking out the sexy Israeli’s hottest GIFs below.

See Her Tonight [Amy Adams On JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE]
See Her Tonight [Amy Adams On JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE]
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