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Sexy Girls Of The Israeli Defense Forces… A.K.A. The IDF [PHOTOS]


Most activities involving the Israeli Defense Force–the Israeli “National Guard” which requires three years of mandatory service from each male citizens and two from each female citizen–are met with vocal and oftentimes violent reactions. Because, you know, Israel.

But the most recent news involving the IDF has actually warranted a response from the Israeli military itself. Four Israeli female soldiers posted a photo of themselves dressed in combat gear and underwear to Facebook, pictures which were then republished on news sites around the world.

In response to the decision, the Israeli military has “disciplined” the women who were involved. More than likely, there was no spanking.

This is not the first incident involving the IDF that’s drawn rebuke. A few months ago, a photo of a Palestinian child in crosshairs was published to Instagram. That did not go over so well.

But back to the non-violent pictures. It’s hard to blame these young women who are required to join the military for trying to have a little fun in the line of duty. Obviously it’s nearly impossible to try and make this point to the people who are policed by the IDF (“how can you treat your job so trivially when there are women and children dying”) but I think we can all agree that posting these pictures to Facebook was a poor decision.

The funny thing is, this far from the first time that attractive IDF women have posted photos of themselves. See for yourself below.

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