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12 Girls Adam Levine Should Date Instead of Models


Models. Adam Levine loves them. Well, actually, maybe love isn’t the right word, but he’s certainly infatuated with them. So much that after dating back-to-back Victoria’s Secret Angels — seriously, that catalog could be dubbed his own little black book — he’s now canoodling with Nina Agdal who is also a Sports Illustrated centerfold.

Adam, if you’re reading this (and we know you are), we’d like you to stop this. Immediately. We get that given your musician status, disarming good looks and heartfelt mentor techniques on The Voice, you have that luxury. But here’s the cold hard truth: it’s also because of these same traits you could be doing a lot better.

And while we’re not here to judge — i.e. implying these models are anything like Derek Zoolander and therefore know exactly how to pronounce eulogy (we think?) — we’ve taken it upon ourselves to select a dozen single (well, unmarried at least) gals who also have good heads on their not always as waif-y frames.

  • COED Writer