Baseball Fan Loyalty Isn’t Worth Bashing Someone’s Head In [OPINION]

OK, so this guy looks like a d**k-bag, but there’s absolutely no reason to get in a fight at a baseball game

Except if you happen to run into the guy who decided to jack the price of hot dogs up to $5.75. Then bash away, boys.

Matt Fortese, a 25 year-old dude from some small town in Maryland, went to an Orioles-Nationals game at Camden Yards in Baltimore wearing a Yankees hat. Two redneck dips**ts saw the hat, probably jerked each other off to get appropriately angry, then went over and beat the stank piss out of Fortese.

He suffered a fractured skull, severe head trauma, and a fair amount of embarrassment considering he was on a date with a girl who drove three hours from Virginia to be with him, skull intact.

First off, if you’re a die-hard fan of baseball, you need to chill the hell out. Baseball sucks.

Second, if you’re a die-hard fan of any sport, so much so that your half-breed brain can justify physical violence over perceived disloyalt, get f**cked by several rusted rakes. You piece of infected ass. Your “team” is an entertainment corporation that’s situated in your geographic locale until the mayor stops giving sweetheart tax deals to the team owner. Your team will move to Charlotte in a minute because it doesn’t care about you or your rust belt town.

Third, f**k Baltimore on this. My brother and I went to an Orioles game at Camden Yards in 2002 and saw two honkies in sleeveless tees rocking huge swastika tattoos on their arms, and nobody said or did a damn thing. They sat quietly the whole time, just like they probably did while Fortese was getting his ass kicked.

via Yahoo! Sports

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