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Tracy Morgan’s Coming Back To Television [PHOTOS]


His new show’s called “Death Pact” and it’s on FX

If you’re not already sold, you’re a f**king half-breed. Tracy Morgan is a seriously funny comic actor and definitely the accidentally funniest comic around. Dude’s off his meds, legitimately. As a comedian, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Tracy at some New York comedy clubs, and I’ve seen his genius in action. Whether or not he’s emotionally stable on a given night, he goes up without a filter and presents a controlled chaos.

Tina Fey knew how to translate that to film on “30 Rock” by letting Tracy deliver his lines with that same instability, so you get the uneasy feeling that he could lose his s**t at any second.

The new show, “Death Pact,” promises a great vehicle for Morgan’s intense crazy, as his character is an ex-pot dealer, ex-assistant high school coach, and current war hero. Get ready for Tracy’s crazy, and check out these pics if you need further proof.

via Paste Magazine

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