The 10 Most Explosive First Person Video Game Weapons

The debate over violence in video games is brewing once again. Because even if you’re a gun-loving nut who sleeps with big pistol you refer to by a human name, deep down we’re all scared about what’s going on, and we need a scapegoat.

If any of gaming’s critics had actually bothered to play one of these games rather than just look at it, they might findĀ they actually help in the fight against crime by giving people a form of release for their aggression that doesn’t actually kill or hurt real people. There is something very satisfying about shooting some subterranean mutant or reanimated zombie in a video game because it gives you the gratification of unleashing your natural animal aggression without having it show up on your record or actually taking the life of another human being. Also, there is a military sized armory full of fictional, ridiculous weapons the real world could and should never produce unless science comes up with a way to replicate “1up” mushrooms that can bring us back to life one more time.

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