Broken Lizard up to Old shenanigans With Sequels For “Beerfest” & “Super Troopers”

The comedy troupe that made it okay to love watching grown men drink themselves into a coma and draw phallic cartoons on their passed out friends’ faces have two big sequels in development.

Broken Lizard, the college comedy group behind comedies such as Beerfest and the cop comedy that first made them famous Super Troopers, plans to do sequels for both movies, according to a radio interview troupe members Steve Lemme and Kevin Heffernan did with WNST in Baltimore.

Right now, Super Troopers 2 seems to be the furthest along because they already have a script and plan to start shooting sometime this summer. If all goes according to plan, the movie will be released in 2014.

The Beerfest sequel Weedfest actually wasn’t part of the original plan when they made the first movie. It started as a joke to end the first film when the boys visit Amsterdam and stumble upon a pot smoking tournament where “King Pothead” himself Willie Nelson makes a cameo. The two decided to turn the joke into an actual sequel when Nelson and Snoop Lion said yes to the idea of an actual movie and the group is currently working on a script to start shooting at an “undisclosed location.” We assume it’s “undisclosed” since having Willie Nelson and Snoop Lion in the same room would net the U.S. government their biggest mariujuana bust to date since the IRS seized Willie’s house.

Via Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures

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