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The New Xbox Kinect Can Smell Your Fear, Probably Watches While You Sleep


Ever since Xbox One made its grand debut and the public learned its Kinect controls would be more involved with learning how its owners play and watch TV and movies, the conspiracy theories out there stated this is proof Microsoft, the government and possibly the space aliens who control our weather patterns are in cahoots to spy on its citizens.

That’s a little out there since Microsoft must have better things to do with its time and money than watch you sit topless on a bean bag chair and stuff chili cheese-flavored Fritos into your giant face. Frankly, there really wasn’t any reason to be scared of what the Kinect could do until this latest piece of news hit the web.

New Scientist reported sensors on the Kinect won’t just be able to watch you play and sense your movements and voice commands. It can also monitor and measure your emotional levels as you play and adjust games to make them more or less intense depending on how it thinks you’re feeling.

That means it knows when you’re afraid and vulnerable. Has anyone at Microsoft ever seen 2001: A Space Odyssey?

Photo Credit: Microsoft

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