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Listen To The Sweet Sounds Of Music Made By The Engine Of A Maserati


Did you know the sounds of a Maserati engine produce seven different distinct notes? Hold on, let me go to my driveway and check to see if it’s true…

Ah, crap. Forgot mine is in the shop. But if you’re lucky enough to own your very own $100K+ luxury car, you would be able to make music just as you heard here. Or you can leave it to the professionals.

Seven Notes is a partnership of Maserati and Bowers & Wilkins with musician Howie B. Their performances are currently on a world tour if you want to catch out an upcoming show in LA, NYC or Milan.

Now if you excuse me, I’m required to pick up my Maserati but my unicorn hid my keys in one of the pots filled with golden coins I keep in my 16th century wine cellar.

COED Writer