Netflix Won’t Tell You When It’s Pulling Your Favorite Movies & Shows

Netflix’s streaming movie service wasn’t just an industry changer. It was a life changer.

I noticed shortly after the service became available I barely had time to watch regular TV or even the shows I recorded on my TiVo because I could watch pretty much anything I wanted on its streaming service. As an added bonus, I didn’t just have to watch it on my TV. I could watch it on my computer while I worked or from my iPhone just before bedtime. I could even watch it on my iPad while I took a long bubble bath using my proprietary blend of white orchid, Indian amber and a hint of jasmine.

Then Netflix became the psycho ex-girlfriend every guy has had at one time or another and started screwing with our heads once they got us hooked. They started losing shows and movies and delayed the time new releases would make it to the streaming service in a not-so-vain attempt to get us to upgrade our accounts. Now they actually found a way to make that even worse by getting rid of what little warnings they offered when our favorite media would not be streaming over their Internet service, according to Uproxx.

The movie and TV delivery service claimed because its expiration dates have often been “inaccurate,” they decided fixing the problem is just too complicated. So instead they’ve decided to just not warn us when our favorite movies and shows will expire from the streaming service. That’s a great lesson for the kids out there, Netflix, and not an exaggeration because you have a streaming service available just for the kids. “Are you having trouble overcoming a problem? Can’t find a solution to a situation with an easy fix? Just give up! It’s easy and makes the problem go away faster. Oh and also, you might want to buy some ‘Dora the Explorer’ DVDs because they are going away… now.” 

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