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Say Hello To The Man Who Threatened His Neighbor With An AK-47


Anybody out there against gun control take a look into the eyes of Rodney Wold. If you own a set of crazies like that you shouldn’t be allowed access to anything sharper than a butterknife let alone an AK-47.

Mr. Wold, 64, was not too happy when he discovered his neighbor was shooting rabbits off of his porch last Thursday evening in Louisville, Kentucky. So Rodney did the most logical thing possible and grabbed his AK-47, loaded it with a magazine, pointed it at his neighbor and said, “If you want to hunt something, hunt men.” Take that Dirty Harry.

Rodney was charged with wanton endangerment and was released on $5,000 bail on the condition that he stay away from his neighbor and any weapons. No word on if the neighbor requested to be moved or at the very least asked for a clean pair of shorts.

  • COED Writer